Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro tablet prices announced!

In case you didn’t know, there are a lot of users out there who are really interested in finding out the pricing in Samsung’s most awaited Galaxy Tab Pro line-up even though Samsung hasn’t disclosed them yet.


But we did some research and we’re back with some exciting numbers for you. It looks like that European distributors plan to release Note Pro 12.2 at a price between €999 – €1099 depending on its chipset (Exynos 5 Octa or Snapdragon 800). Both editions will offer 32GB of storage but the cheap price will be WiFi only and the most expensive version will offer 4G/LTE support.

The large Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 will cost around €800 (Exynos/WiFi) and €100 more for the Snapdragon/LTE version with 16GB of storage. As far as the little Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is concerned, the device will offer an RGB panel (not a PenTile one like the afore mentioned) but it will not be much cheaper since it will cost almost €700 for the Exynos/WiFi version and €800 for the Snapdragon/LTE version.

As you can understand all the prices above are REALLY high but some other websites like SamMobile insist that their prices will begin from €390 for the WiFi Tab Pro 8.4 up to €850 for the LTE Pro 12.2 model.

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