Samsung Galaxy S5’s Battery Life 25% More Proficient Than The Galaxy S4

Galaxy S5

When Samsung officially unveiled the Galaxy S5 earlier last week at MWC, one of the main points that the company highlighted about the device is it’s intelligent battery saving techniques to considerably increase it’s battery proficiency. Samsung also revealed that the Galaxy S5 features NavExtend, WebExtend and GamExtend battery saving solutions from LucidLogix.

The NavExtend, as it’s name implies, helps increase your device’s battery life by managing all your navigation tools including GPS. NavExtend intelligently manages the device’s GPU to become more conservative which equates a more proficient battery life.

The WebExtend works similarly by controlling the GPU and CPU throttling which Lucid claimed to work with all major Android web browser on the market.

The GameExtend on the other hand has already been used on the Galaxy Note 3, which manages the device’s resources better while running heavy-duty tasks like gaming.

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