Samsung Galaxy S5 rumored to have improved one-hand navigation

The average Smartphone screen size is constantly being enlarged and operating the device using just one hand is becoming ever more difficult. Samsung tried to bypass this flaw with one-handed mode on the Galaxy Note 3, but that only reduced the display size, pushing the home screen to the corner. According to some recently revealed patents, the South Korean firm might be working on improving the feature with Galaxy S5.


Users would be able to resize the Touchwiz interface and application windows, making the navigation most comfortable. Accessing “out of reach” icons and shortcuts using a one-handed gesture should become much easier and natural.

samsung-touchwiz-patent-4Of course there are no guaranties that the patent application will ever be implemented, at least in the first upcoming flagship devices. Same goes for rumored metal casing for the Samsung Galaxy S5, loudly proclaimed by a business newspaper from Taiwan to be a reality. The information is based on allegedly signed contract between Samsung and aluminum casings manufacturer Catcher.

samsung-touchwiz-patent-6To remind every one, similar rumors of a metal body surfaced for both the Galaxy S3 and S4; in the end Samsung stuck to their plastic standard.


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