Samsung Galaxy Note 3, available in red and white gold color?

It seems that the Koreans have been preparing new colors for Galaxy Note 3, their flagship phablet that has already become a huge hit among tech geeks. These news come from the guys over at Android Authority who have solid info regarding some new colorings made in the most notorious of the Galaxy phablets, Samsung’s Note 3!


These two new colors will be red and white gold and according to info they will be worldwide available soon since Samsung is already preparing them! As we mentioned, Android Authority made the following Photoshop rendering, trying to show us how these two new colors will look like on top of the device.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Red-White-Gold-02 Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Red-White-Gold-03

In case you don’t remember Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is now available in white, black and pink so soon we’re gonna see the aforementioned two new colors.

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