Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Fix for Titanium Backup Restore


TB Restore Fixer app fixes force close issues when restoring apps with data with Titanium Backup.

This simple app made by Derek Teay – xda username: viperboy, will fix the SELinux file markers on the Note 3’s system and data folders after restoring apps using Titanium Backup.
This is only a temporary solution until Titanium Backup fixes their code to support the Note 3/SELinux. For now, you must run this app everytime you restore one or more apps with Titanium Backup.

Credits for the fix also goes to xda’s Senior Member vodkinagdan

A rooted Note 3 and Titanium Backup app.

App Features:
* Fix SELinux flags after a Titanium Backup restore
* Email to developer a log file, if needed (Menu > Email Log File)
* Visit the related XDA thread (Menu > Go to XDA Thread)

1) Run Titanium Backup restore
2) Start the app, read the first screen, and hit “Fix Me!”
3) Do this two steps every time you restore apps with Titanium Backup.

Get app from Google Play:

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