Samsung Galaxy Gear works with HTC One!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear

When Galaxy Gear was unveiled last month, Samsung told to the world that for now it’s only compatible with Galaxy Note 3. Samsung, also, informed us that in the near future, will extent the compatibility of the Galaxy Gear, so it will be able to work with more of its flagship devices.

But, now we learn that the Galaxy Gear works with HTC One as well. A member of xda developer’s forum, uploaded a screenshot of his HTC One in which we can clearly see the icon of the Galaxy Gear Application (Gear Manager) in the top left corner of the status bar. Read the post containing the screenshot here.


The xda developer’s member claims that both Galaxy Gear smart-watch and Gear Manager application are working without any problem. He can send and receive calls, but the only thing that doesn’t work is the S-Voice (that it isn’t installed on his HTC One). You can read his answer here.

We have to report that the specific member of xda developer’s forum (clifford), uses a custom ROM (omj ROM) and not an Official one. Another member of xda developer (kidi) said that it doesn’t work on Official 4.2.2 ROM of the HTC One, as he is getting a message saying “validation check failed”.

But if the Galaxy Gear works with custom ROMs in other devices than Galaxy Note 3, then Samsung may have not been that clear about Galaxy Gear’s compatibility. So it remains to be seen if Samsung told the whole truth, during the presentation event of the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Note 3.

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