Samsung Galaxy Gear to control smart TVs


Ryan Bidan, the Director of Product Marketing for Samsung Mobile, is looking for ways on how the Samsung Gaaxy Gear can be used with Smart TVs and other networked devices, and also looking for developers for ideas at the annual Samsung Developers Conference at the end of October in San Francisco.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear currently works with Galaxy Note devices and soon will be connected to other Samsung devices like the S4 via a software update and making it able to connect with other electronic products will definitely define the emerging wearable device market and will open more momentum for companies to investigate the possibilities of products like smartwatches and glasses.

Another application that is also being explored by Samsung for smartwatches is health, where TVs could be applicable. Diet-tracker, fitness tracker or pedometer on the Gear can be transferred for use on a TV. Samsung already offers the S-Health app for Galaxy smartphones and tablets, and developers could create a health app for Samsung’s Smart TVs.


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