Samsung Galaxy F, premium series smartphones (rumors).

f seriesA new series of smart phones seems to be prepared from Samsung, according to rumors. So, based on allegations from a Korean source, ETnews, (that reports the story comes from industry sources), the Galaxy S series is no longer enough for the company.

The Samsung Galaxy F series specs, will include things like a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, an octa-core Exynos CPU, an all-metal body, a new design and possibly even a flexible LCD display. Users will note that these specs are those that we have commonly heard about for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and they include recommendations from Design 3.0. At the same time, Samsung’s supply chain has been plagued by delays when it comes to things like the flexible display and all-metal-body. A Samsung official explained the problems and the strategy behind creation the premium Samsung Galaxy F series:

Samsung Electronics official said, “the metal case the supply chain is still not complete series, like the Galaxy Note Galaxy S · difficult to produce in large quantities,” said “as developed by chogoga target market volume There is a great sense, “he said. , Samsung Electronics launched a new premium series of smart phones are expected to change in the marketing strategy. So far, the first half of the Samsung Galaxy S, the second half of the Smartphone Galaxy Note, a premium series has hit the market. however, the shorter the life cycle”

Some users have speculated that the “F” in the Samsung Galaxy F series could stand for the Flexible display. That is possible. What this could mean is that we might not actually see a Samsung Galaxy S5, but a replacement of the Samsung Galaxy F series as the high-end Samsung brand. At the same time that would have consequences for Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the other Galaxy S series flagships have been incredibly successful in sales and received top reviews. For Samsung to abandon the series wouldn’t be well received by many consumers even if Samsung replaced it with a higher-end line.

flexibleLast but not least, it was reported that the engineers of Samsung are undecided about the screen size of the first model of the series Galaxy F, and also there is no information about its pricing policy. The premium device line, (likely to be known as the Samsung Galaxy F1), is expected to launch early next year, in Q1 of 2014.

So the only thing we can do for now, is to stay alert for more information.


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