Samsung Dual-boot Galaxy Tab in the works

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Recently, we have heard that Microsoft is in discussions with HTC, to install Windows Phone OS on their Android devices. Maybe Microsoft wants desperately to show a fake growth of its mobile OS, by putting it in Android devices and then to count these devices as Windows Phone devices.

Now there are rumors that Microsoft has made the same offer (Windows Phone OS for smartphones and Windows RT for tablets, for free) to Samsung and Huawei.

The well-known mobile reviewer Eldar Murtazin claims that Samsung has already started to work on the upcoming Galaxy Tab 2014 which will have both Android and Windows RT inside (Dual-Boot).

According to the people who “played” with it, it has a “crazy good” large display (around 12-inch), it’s very thin and light and the chassis is a “metal imitation” plastic.

It remains to be seen if all this become a reality in the near future. We believe that the Dual-Boot phones and tablets are the ideal solution for the consumers and if Microsoft desides to offer Windows Phone and Windows RT for free to some manufacturers, then these OEMs can lower their prices and these products become affordable to the general public.


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