Samsung Develops 1GB LPDDR4 DRaAM That Can Give 4GB Of RAM For Mobile Devices



We are currently at an age where you can only consider a phone an ‘upgrade’ if most of it’s specs gets ‘literally’ upgraded. Looking back at the past, most smartphones only have 3-5MP cameras and it is already considered a high-end device. Even the processor it uses doesn’t matter much if it is still the same as the previous flagship device. But this time almost all OEMs goes for ‘literal’ upgrades than ‘conventional’ upgrades. Ask yourself this, what do i need more? A better battery life or a higher resolution on a 5+ inch something device? Ever wonder why you don’t get better battery life on your new phone’s bigger battery compared to your old one? Yeah, so much for a real upgrade.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was the first device to feature a spacey 3GB of RAM where some people thought was awesome, but some also says as unnecessary as we rarely see apps/processes that eats up a whole 2GB of RAM on a smartphone/tablet. But who wouldn’t like an extra gigabyte of space for multi-tasking right? After all it’s just a matter of preference for users and right now, specs matters most more than anything.

And having said that, we can only expect that the next generation of flagship smartphones to inevitably sport a 4GB of RAM. And it looks like Samsung will be the first one to do just that as they have successfully managed to develop an 8Gb (1GB) LPDDR4 RAM meant for mobile devices. Samsung also said that it could easily be integrated in a single package for a high-end mobile device, giving a total memory of 4GB



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