Samsung Announces Smart Home Service – Enables Users To Manage Home Devices Through A Single App


Samsung has envisioned this before, that they want to make an ecosystem where all devices, from electronic appliances to mobile gadgets, to be able to connect with each other to help people manage and control all of them through a single integrated platform.

And now Samsung has taken the first step towards their dream as they announces the Samsung Smart service, that will allow people to do just that on all of their Samsung devices at home.

The three main features of Samsung Smart Home Service are Device Control, Home View and Smart Customer Service.

With Device Control, users can use customized settings on their mobile devices or Smart TV to monitor or control home devices, like turning on air conditioning or activating lighting. At the touch of a dedicated Smart Home app icon on their device, the service enables users to control one or multiple devices simultaneously no matter where they are.

Smart Home also offers voice command on all the controller devices. If a user says tells his device that he’s going out, home lighting and selected appliances will be turned off. Users can also use chat control on their smartphone app as a fun, convenient way to communicate with their devices.

The Home View feature allows users to use their smartphone to get real-time views of the home via in-built appliance cameras; and Smart Home’s Smart Customer Service notifies users when it’s time to service appliances or replace consumables, and provides assistance in after-sales servicing.

The Samsung Smart Home Service will start rolling out in the first half of 2014.

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