Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4: Almost 90 million devices will be released next year with 16MP ISOCELL cameras.


Back in September we announced that Samsung will embody the new generation CMOS sensor ISOCELL, an advanced system with enhanced light sensitivity, for sharper shots pictures even in poor lighting conditions. This technology improves the existing back-side illumination (BSI) CMOS device, placing barriers around each pixel. These barriers reduce color bleeding and noise associated with shooting in low light conditions. With technology ISOCELL achieved up to 30% greater light absorption, while reducing to 30% divergence phenomenon (crosstalk) between the pixels, as compared with the existing technology BSI.
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Well this week, during Samsung’s analyst day meetings, Samsung confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, hero phones for 2014, will both get the company’s new 16-megapixel camera module. At the moment, models from Samsung, including the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, feature a 13 megapixel camera, but not for long.


It is believed that Samsung will use the 16 megapixel module in up to 25 percent of its smartphones which are planning for release next year. Since Samsung’s estimated smartphone shipments for 2014 is some 360 million units, that means that the 16 megapixel camera could find its way into around 90 million Samsung smartphones. The only issue we see with this announcement is that there was no mention of OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). So, is the Galaxy S5 going to deliver an ISOCELL module without OIS?

Last but not least, the existing 13 megapixel modules won’t disappear, as it is bumped to lesser devices, and it will still appear in any of the current models which will continue to be manufactured next year. Samsung claims that this 16 MP ISOCELL sensor will be the main sensor for its 2014-2015 according to the report, so, it only remains to see what time will bring..

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