Rumor: Sony To Launch An Xperia E2 Smartphone In Early 2014



According to a new rumor, Sony looks to release a successor to their quite reputable low-end smartphone Xperia E next year, but there’s a catch – unlike most upgrades, the Xperia E2 is said to feature pretty much the same specs as it’s predecessor except for the LTE network support, which is a great addition considering it’s an entry-level device.

The Xperia E2 is rumored to bear the same dual-core Cortex A7 processor that the Xperia E had, 1GB of RAM, and probably still 4 GB of storage, expandable via a microSD slot. A 4″ screen with a 800×480 resolution is what we can expect if Sony really wants to keep the E2’s pricing low, along with a 5MP camera. The E2 is also said to come in a Dual-SIM variant.

The E2’s specs is way below the standards of most consumers today but keep in mind that this device is aimed for those who are low on budget or for people looking for a secondary/roaming unit.



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