Rumor: First Snapdragon 805 Devices To Launch By The End Of First Half Of This Year



According to the latest rumors, we may see devices running on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 805 processor as early as May this year, which is earlier than anticipated.

The company has just announced the new flagship mobile processor and stated that it’s ready to mass produce and be available by the first half of this year.

But this isn’t the first rumor regarding the availability of the new flagship processor, there have been rumors coming out of the company’s headquarters that we will only see devices powered by the new chipset only at the second half of the year. And now a new report via rbmen says that it will arrive as soon as may, just in time for manufacturers to produce devices powered by it at the end of first half of this year.

Another rumor is that a Qualcomm official has reportedly stated that the processor will be commercially available this spring. And as you can see, all the rumors don’t add up to something for now, so we advise you to not get your hopes up on this one. We’ll keep you updated.

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