Rumor: Samsung To Limit Third-Party Accessory Support By Planting ID Chips


Samsung, being the number one smartphone manufacturer in the market today, holds over half the smartphone market share in the world, giving it the ability to call some shots. And their next move? New rumors via ETNews suggests that Samsung may be restricting it’s third-party accessory support – Meaning you can only use genuine Samsung accessories or third-party accessories that has been approved by Samsung.

How? The rumor said Samsung plans to plant chips in their accessories, which will have the ability identify an accessory and detect whether it is approved or not by Samsung. And third-party manufacturers needing an approval from Samsung will only translate to their products costing higher due to the standardization of ports and accessories.

But having accessories checked and approved by Samsung can be a good thing too, as you can be assured that the accessory will surely work well with your phone and will avoid “accidents” like battery explosions that usually happens because of a faulty or cheap third-party accessories.

This is still just a rumor but if it is indeed true, many Samsung users may start wondering – is Samsung becoming more like Apple? Because lately Samsung has been busy implementing more security updates/patches on their devices like the KNOX security and the region-locking of the Galaxy Note 3. Will there be more like these?
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