Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Have 4GB Of RAM



There has been a lot of rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 5 that is reported to go on an early launch in January to February. But at the center of all the gossip, it is all about what processor the Galaxy S5 will use.

According to a new report by the Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be using a 64-bit processor, the first among Samsung’s Exynos 6 series of chipsets, that will be accompanied by 4GB of RAM, making it one of the biggest advantages of using 64-bit processor.

Samsung always thrives to beat other OEMs by being the first with adding new ideas/features so that when the iPhone 5s and HTC One Max are the first to integrate fingerprint scanning support, new rumors immediately came out that Samsung is gunning for an eye-scanner to overtake it’s rivals for new feature support. Samsung has also beaten other manufacturers when it comes to providing their devices with the highest RAM as they are the first to use 3G of RAM with the Galaxy Note 3. So adding one more gigabyte is logically the next step for a 2014 flagship smartphone.

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