Rumor: Huawei To Leave The US Market?



Huawei and the US government for the past couple of years, has been on a spat where the US has accused Huawei of cyber espionage on behalf of the Chinese military. And it appears that this issue have escalated at a higher level.

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei have stated via the French news site Les Echos that he no longer wanted to stay in the US market. “If Huawei gets in the middle of US-China relations, and causes problems, it’s not worth it,” Ren has said according to a Chinese transcript of the interview translated by Foreign Policy. “Therefore, we have decided to exit the US market.”

It’s not confirmed yet and even if it is indeed true, there’s no information as to wether when and how the company will start pulling out of the US market but a Huawei spokesperson said when contacted by CNet that they remain committed to our customers, employees, investments, and operations and more than $1 billion in sales in the US, and that they stand ready to deliver additional competition and innovative solutions as desired by customers and allowed by authorities.


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