Rumor: HTC Already Working On The M8 Mini




As if we haven’t gotten enough dose of the consistently rumored HTC M8 device, we are now hearing that a mini version of the device is already in the works.

According to the one who leaks about the M8 device the most, evleaks, the HTC M8 or HTC One 2014 Edition will have a baby brother in the M8 Mini. The leakster also provided that the M8 will have a 0P6B reference code while the mini version has a 0P8B code. And coincidentally, the mini version of the HTC M8 has started to show up on the rumor mill 363 days after the initial rumor about the HTC One mini started. And since HTC has a fairly predictable launch pattern, we are guessing that the HTC M8 mini or the HTC One (2014) Mini will be launched by Q3 of this year.

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