More than a quarter of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices


In May 2012, 10 percent of people were accessing the Internet through mobile devices around the world. Public Relations firm Walker Sands just release new data, that show 28 percent of their clients surfing the Web on smartphones and tablets. This is a 67 percent increase from Q3 of 2012. Internet usage coming from iPhone and Android mobile devices will continue to grow. iOS devices are still the leaders of all mobile traffic with 47 percent, but Android is quickly closing in and is now at 44.4 percent.

It is important to mention that this data is directionally oriented and not a precise market indicator, therefore reflecting general growth of mobile usage. There were too few companies included in this survey, to generalize the results on the entire US market.

InternetTraffic-2StatCounter’s data shows that 15 percent of US internet traffic comes from mobile devices, but many sites report even higher numbers – YP shows 50 percent, Yelp goes even futher to 59 percent. There’s even a group of people called “mobile first” audience, who favors mobile devices over PCs.

We are coming to a point, where markets will have to address the mobile users and multiscreen behavior. Smartphones and tablets should be given an equal and in many cases even greater weight than PCs.



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