Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Now Available For Pre-Order


Qualcomm – which we all know makes mobile processors that’s been used by almost all high-end devices out there, has surprised us when they unveiled The Qualcomm Toq a few months ago – a smartwatch.

The Qualcomm Toq can connect to your smartphone, giving you access to your phone straight from your wrist. It does what other smartwatches can do – answers calls, read phone notifications, etc. But Qualcomm’s main aim is the battery life which they said that can last for a few days with a single charge – something that current smartwatch users has been wishing for.

The device can also be charged wirelessly by simply placing it in the dock/earphone holder. The headphones can also be charged with the same holder and can be paired with your Toq smartwatch. So it’s definitely a product that many smartwatch lovers are waiting for.

And that wait is now over as today Qualcomm has announced that the device is now available for pre-order from their Toq Store, where it will ship in 1-3 weeks. Credit cards will only be authorized at the time of purchase, where the charges only takes place after the device has shipped.

The Qualcomm Toq is priced at $349.99 and is available only in black. Read more of the device’s details at Qualcomm’s Toq store.



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