Pet Shop Story review


TITLE:              Pet Shop Story

DEVELOPER:   TeamLava Games

PRICE:               Free

DESCRIPTION: Animal petting game

Pet Shop Story is the latest incarnation of Team Lava’s “Story” franchise that has released onto iOS. It is an animal management game for Android in which you’re able to create the perfect Pet Shop for your favorite lovable animals, and share with your friends! Design, decorate, and collect hundreds of adorable pets!

As one can probably guess, the whole core of Pet Shop Story is to create a successful pet store filled with any number of household critters ranging from dogs to cats or to the most exotic. Placing pens around the virtual space, it is the typical routine of collecting funds, feeding animals, and then buying more.



Players begin their growth by building out pens for various animal species and once constructed, they offer periodic income and experience. As per usual, the higher the level the animal, the longer it takes to construct but the greater its payout.

Each pen can hold up to a certain number of pets too. Upon buying one, players can optionally  buy an adult mate for the species of dog or cat, the pen holds in order to breed puppies or kittens. This also plays into a collection mechanic in which the game tasks users with completing full “families” of animals. Nevertheless, while such is done by merely tapping a “Breed” icon, when a pen is selected, players can usually only breed one new baby at a time or they can spend virtual currency to unlock extra nursery beds by buying “diamonds” or “gold”.


The game becomes a little more interesting when players unlock the ability to cross-breed pets. Once this is available, Pet Shop Story offers a bit more player reward (beyond the simple aesthetic of creating a cute looking shop) as it allows them to experiment in creating new pet types unique to their store. This reward becomes even greater since the Team Lava applications is a social title.


In addition, Pet Shop Story allows players to friend one another, send gifts, and view the shops and animals that they have created. So, players can visit the spaces of other random users in the community and interact with their pets in order to garner them experience bonuses. The more this is done, the greater the likelihood that the user will be ranked near the top of this community list. Unfortunately each pet in each shop can only be utilized for this by one user, making it a bit of a double edged sword, as the popularity of the Story games makes it virtually impossible to do this with random players.


The Team Lava game also displays how successful one’s business actually is. Ranked from one to five stars, it is measured by the variety of pets one has, the number of decorative displays, the size of one’s nursery, and the overall store size. Of course, this is not entirely equated to success, as things like nursery size require virtual currency to grow, so the mechanic is as much as a tool to entice player spending, by suggesting more needs to be done for one’s shop, as it is to measure their “success.”

Maybe it is sound complicated but all that you need to do is to follow the storyline and build the locations, decorate the places, feed the animals and breed them.

As a conclusion if you love animals and management applications, you should really try this one. It has all the fixings of its predecessors and as such is likely a game that will do very well. If nothing else, it offers the same type of play that its fans have come to know and love and does so in a new visual style.


1. BETTER art quality and animation (even if many of the avatar assets are reused constantly). All that said, if you are a fan of the Team Lava Story games, then this is an app you’ll probably enjoy as well.


3. COLLECT hundreds of super-cute pets! Kittens, puppies, birds, and bunnies!

4. CREATE new breeds by mixing and matching pets!

5. CARE for adorable baby animals!

6. DESIGN the Pet Shop of your dreams with fun decorations and playful products!

7. BUILD beautiful habitats! Fun for pets and people!

8. SOCIALIZE with other Pet Shop owners, and their pets!

9. INVITE your Face book and Storm8 friends to set up shop, right next door! – MEET neighbours and MAKE friends.

10. ENJOY stunning graphics, art, and animation!

11. FREE to download, FREE to play, and FREE weekly updates with new pets, decorations, and breeding combinations!


1. Pet Shop Story is an online only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play. For this reason you will get the message: “you are not sync with the server”

2. Pet Shop Story is free to play, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, on your device go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button, select Settings > Use Password for purchase. Then, set up the four-digit Password on the option below. In addition, Pet Shop Story:may link to social media services, such as Face book, and Storm8 will have access to your information through such services. Use of this application is governed by the Team Lava Terms of Service. Collection and use of data are subject to Team Lava’s Privacy Policy. Both policies are available at and

3. Minimal innovation. Basically the same as previous Team Lava games, but with a different aesthetic.

4. You will have to wait a lot of time to breed up a new pet and expand your pet shop, unless you purchase some diamonds or coins from the android market.

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