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Before the Microsoft deal, Nokia was testing android on Lumia phones


It’s a story that should surprise nobody as we’re hearing how Nokia was testing Android on their Lumia series prior to making a deal with Microsoft earlier this month. The New York Times — via unnamed sources declined to be identified — said that Nokia had Android up and running on their hardware long before the Microsoft negotiations materialized.

Supposedly building Android phones wasn’t used as a bargaining position during talks with Microsoft. but certainly both sides had to … Continue reading

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Indian company Carbonn wants to build dual boot Windows Phone and Android smartphones

Indian based company Carbonn intends to release soon dual OS devices that will be able to run on Android and Windows Phone OS, at least according to a report from Times of India.


The CEO of Carbonn Sudhir Hasija made a deal recently with Microsoft and mentioned: “Microsoft has made it easier for us to cooperate, opening the platform to other players. We have signed a deal with Microsoft and in the coming two months we plan to release a … Continue reading

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Oppo’s Find 7 smartphone comes with a 50MPixel camera?

Well it looks like Oppo is getting ready to impress us once again, this time with their most awaited Find 5 camera phone, that packs a 5.5 inch display @ 2560×1440 pixels! Now a photo that presunably belongs to its camera promises resolutions of up to 50MPixels! Yes 50!


The photo that was uploaded in Weibo (here it is in full) has 8160×6120 pixels resolution and its EXIF data clearly states that an Oppo Find 7 was used for its capture. … Continue reading

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What does the gold Samsung Galaxy S5 really look like? A band aid perhaps?

Well after Nokia and HTC (that trolled Galaxy S5) it was the time for Jason Mackenzie (HTC America CEO) to do the same. So when he saw a tweet from Joanna Stem (a Wall Street Journal reporter) with an image of the gold Samsung Galaxy S5 he retweeted it using the… image you see below! Yes he used a band aid to show to people how unfortunate the design of the new Samsung flagship truly is.


So here it … Continue reading

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Global Mobile Awards 2014. HTC One is the best smartphone of 2013

Every year the GSM Association gives the awards for the best devices of the year to those gadgets that have stood out. The committee is comprised of more than 175 analysts, reporters, journalists and others that work hard to select the best devices that were unveiled until the 29th of November 2013. And the winners were?


HTC One was the device that won the prize for the best smartphone of 2013, winning the first place over iPhone 5S, LG G2, … Continue reading

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Jolla Phone now available running on Sailfish OS

Well it looks like that Jolla Phone is available in the Finnish market starting today, at a price of 399 euros! With this amount of money you will get a qHD IPS 4.5 inch display smartphone, with a dual core Snapdragon 400 SoC @ 1.4Ghz, 1GB of RAM, an 8.0MPixels camera and 16GB of storage!


The most important thing of all however, is the fact that the device runs on Sailfish OS, an operating system developed by former Nokia … Continue reading

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