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Tizen 3.0 seen running on Galaxy S3

Last time we saw Tizen 3.0 running was on the Galaxy S 4. Now it also runs on the Galaxy S 3
(the Samsung Developer Device RD-PQ to be precise which has the same hardware). This is Tizen 3.0 Running on Hardware that hundreds of Developers and development companies have already got access to. So expect more Tizen 3.0 teasers soon.
if you are interested in developing some apps for Tizen, you can get the Tizen … Continue reading

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New Samsung Smartwatch Patent Reveals Round Display

Samsung SW

Samsung has recently filed some smartwatch patents at the United States Patents and Trademarks Office where it showed that Samsung will be working on a smartwatch with round display soon. Don’t confuse this with the rumored Galaxy Gear Solo with standalone SIM-card support though as this one requires to be paired to a smartphone or tablet for operation according to it’s patent description.

Looking at the patent details, Samsung’s new smartwatch, having a round display, looks similar to … Continue reading

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Samsung plans to unveil another Android Wear smartwatch

It looks like Samsung plans to be the next… Casio in the wearables market. So after launching Gear 2 and Gear Fit, the Koreans plan to unveil another smart watch this year becoming more aggressive in the wearables market.


So according to rumors Samsung plans to unveil a new smartwatch that will run on Android Wear OS, and not Tizen OS like Gear 2 and Gear Fit do. If these rumors are correct, … Continue reading

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Here are the specs of Google’s and LG’s smartwatch

Well here it is again, @evleaks strike back with some impressive leaks this time! And what he leaked? The purported specs of Google’s and LG’s first smartwatch!



As you can see it will be a smartwach with an IPS LCD display @ 1.65 inches, with a 280×280 pixel resolution, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of storage! It has similar specs to Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo that however run on Tizen os and have better display resolution … Continue reading

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“No, you won’t be seeing any Galaxy S5 in MWC”, says Samsung

Well this looks like another piece of the S5 puzzle. According to SDNet Korea, a member of Samsung said that the most awaited Galaxy S5 flagship will not be making any appearance in this year’s MWC in Barcelona – even though a couple of days ago, another official of the company insisted on the contrary!


It looks like we won’t be seeing Galaxy S5 in MWC 2014 but most probably in a similar event in New York or London … Continue reading

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Samsung To Unveil Galaxy Gear 2 And Galaxy Band At MWC



According to Lee Seung-woo, analyst at IBK Securities, Samsung is already working on the Galaxy Gear 2, and will surely be released early in 2014. Another reliable source also said that Samsung plans to unveil the Galaxy Gear’s successor at MWC in February 24th 2014.

Another device expected from Samsung for the MWC is the Galaxy Band, which is reportedly a health and fitness wristband with which can monitor physical conditions such as pulse and blood pressure.

Judging … Continue reading

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