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Tizen Will Finally Unveil It’s First Set Of Devices At Mobile World Congress



Tizen OS, being developed by Samsung and Intel, has been making noise for quite some time now, and Samsung has never been shy stating their big plans where they not only intend to produce Tizen-powered smartphones, but they intend to create an ecosystem where several gadgets and appliances can sync with one another with Tizen OS running on all of them. There has also been several developer previews of what a Tizen smartphone/tablet will look and … Continue reading

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Samsung NX300M, Samsung’s first commercial Tizen device

It looks like Tizen OS (supported by Samsung and Intel) has a lot more to offer to us in the future and this… Samsung NX300M gadget could be the real thing!


We’re talking about a digital camera codenamed Samsung NX300M, that has been available in the Korean market as Samsung’s first Tizen based commercial product! It packs a specially designed edition of Tizen called “Tizen Camera Platform” that offers twice the speed when compared to other Linux based cameras. It offers a 20.MPixels … Continue reading

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Check Out The Tizen Z9005 RedWood Running On Tizen 2.2 On a Hands-On Video

tizen redwood

The Samsung Tizen Z9005 ‘Redwood’ is the company’s first device running on Tizen OS.
The Tizen OS is being co-developed by Samsung and Intel in which both companies (especially Samsung) envisioned an ecosystem, where users can connect all their Samsung Tizen devices from phones to home appliances.

The Tizen Redwood runs on Tizen 2.2 as 3.0 is still under development. The device has pretty much the same specs with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and even … Continue reading

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First Tizen Tablet (For Developers) Launches in Japan


We have already seen some Tizen smartphones produced mostly for developers before, or developer previews on certain Samsung smartphones. It’s only a matter of time before they start testing the OS on tablets and finally that time has come.

The first Tizen OS based tablet is exclusive only to developers in Japan. The tablet offers the ability for developers to make their modifications directly to the platform and even add new APIs – showing a willingness to allow a … Continue reading

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Samsung has bigger plans for Tizen – not just smartphones


     Tizen, co-developed by Samsung and Intel are said to launch it’s first smartphone in the fourth quarter of this year. But what most of us did not know is Samsung has bigger plans for Tizen – to create an ecosystem where users are able to connect all Samsung devices.

In an interview with Die Welt, Yoon Boo-keun, Samsung’s chief of consumer electronics business said, “Tizen is going to be used on some of our smartphones, along with … Continue reading

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Samsung plans to use Tizen OS in all new Smart TVs

Well it looks like that Samsung plans to use its Tizen proprietary system to all of its new Smart TV lineup in the following months, at least according to Boo-Keun Yoon, the CEO of the Consumer Electronics Division of the company! According to the same statement to the German Die Welt, Samsung has already began the testing of Smart TV’s running on Tizen OS and plans to unveil some of them during 2014.


“Tizen is … Continue reading

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