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Samsung-LG will ship flexible displays for mobile devices in November.


We first heard about flexible displays, coming to a Smartphone, near 2007. That’s right, six years ago. And for six years, we have undoubtedly gotten closer to this tech becoming reality, but not close enough, apparently. Many seem to think that flexible displays will be the next major innovation in the mobile space (the previous one being, capacitive touch screens).  

One way or the other, we’re about to find out whether flexible … Continue reading

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Samsung clarified: Sim locking for its phones.

sim lock 6Samsung issued a statement on July, about the SIM-locked on its phones, which has provided some information on the practice, though does not elaborate as to why phones are now being geographically SIM-locked. You can see the statement here:

The new policy, at this point, applies to Galaxy S III, S II, Note, S4, S4 Mini, and Note 3 devices produced after the end of July 2013.