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Which devices are getting Android 4.4. update first?

October is finally here – the rumored release date of  Android 4.4. And since many users are wondering if their device will be getting the latest update and whilst companies are still struggling to roll out official port of Android 4.3 for their devices, the guys at AndroPit compiled lists of names for which they believe will be the first.


What we can expect from the new KitKat 4.4. are some minor UI changes, while the … Continue reading

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CASUAL Dev website launched


If you haven’t heard of Casual (Cross-platform Android Scripting, Unified Auxiliary Loader) before, It is a very powerful Java-based tool that is commonly used to easily root various devices like the Motorola RAZR, Galaxy Nexus, and some Galaxy S and Note series smartphones. but it’s a lot more than that as it’s primary purpose is to provide a way to package and distribute android firmwares, softwares, or hacks for Android using Windows, Linux, or Mac.

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The benchmark woes – not just Samsung


So, you thought it was just Samsung? Guess what, “optimized” benchmarks like this is a common practice in the Android ecosystem.

Anandtech has released a report that most devices from major Android OEMs are “optimized” to score higher than it should in benchmark tests. see this for a more detailed explanation.

AnandTech conducted tests to various devices and discovered that other manufacturers, namely Asus, HTC, and LG, has done this as well. There are a few devices that came out … Continue reading

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