Oppo N1 CyanogenMod Limited Edition Now Available For $599



Finally! The highly-anticipated Oppo N1 that will be running on a Google certified CyanogenMod is now on sale for $599 at limited retailers and Oppo store.

The Oppo N1 is one of the most innovative smartphones that we have seen this year with a rotating 14MP camera that serves as both the rear and front camera. The N1 also boasts of 12cm2 rear touch panel that makes it easier for users to scroll or select stuff on your N1 device. And now add CyanogenMod as it’s software, the most popular after-market Android OS that’s certified by Google meaning it has all your Google Apps pre-installed.

The N1 CyanogenMom limited edition package also includes some extra goodies like CyanogenMod stickers, unique CM packaging, and a special blue CM case with Oppo mascots, Cid and Ollie as the designs. The limited edition N1 carries a $599 price tag and can be bought online by going to Oppo’s online store.


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