Official AOKP Site Support For The LG G2 Now Available


AOKP (Android Open Kang Project), for years has been one of the most popular custom ROM around the Android world. And though the AOKP team covers less devices than the Cyanogen Inc., they pretty much supports all popular devices out there. And now, they have added support to what is considered by many the best smartphone of 2013 – the LG G2.

AOKP nightly builds for the G2 has been available since last week but it has been added to AOKP’s device list just yesterday. AOKP supports all US variants of the G2 device, as well as the international GSM version.

Take Note that these are early KitKat builds so you won’t see all features that you have seen with the JellyBean version of AOKP that you have gotten used to. If you want to give your LG G2 device a fresh and customizable AOKP taste, just head over to AOKP’s site to download the necessary files. Happy flashing!

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