NVIDIA Shield Gets A Lavish Update: Android 4.3, Button Mapping Software, Console Mode, And More


The NVIDIA SHIELD, for some, is quite a disappointment because it can only play titles that have been optimized for it. NVIDIA promised though that they are fixing things in their latest update where it will bring Android 4.3, and finally the the ability for gamers to play whatever game they like using these great physical buttons.

NVIDIA Shield users can now map physical controls in-games through the GamePad Mapper app included in the new update. The GamePad Mapper also connects to the cloud to bring down layouts for hundreds of titles that NVIDIA has already dealt with, making it a GeForce Experience of sorts for SHIELD owners. This is one more thing to think of when buying a SHIELD, add this with Steam streaming and the SHIELD finally presents itself as a near do-it-all of handheld gaming devices.

NVIDIA also brought in the Android 4.3 to the and kept it nice and clean like they did with 4.2. Gamers can now install games to their SD cards as well.

Console Mode is also included with the update. It will give users the option to turn the handheld into a console, just as the name suggests. It’ll output up to 1080p, turn the screen off and allow you to use a Bluetooth controller. While the NYKO PlayPad Pro is supported, there’s no word on MOGA devices or the DualShock 3 right now but, who knows maybe they’ll work.

This latest update from NVIDIA brought in lots of new and much needed stuff that will surely make users and potential buyers happy.



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