Nokia ‘Project Normandy’ Android Smartphone To Be Called Nokia X


Nokia’s rumored first Android powered smartphone we have been calling ‘Normandy’ has been the talk of the town for a whole month now, and according to Nokia Normandy’s primary leakster, evleaks, the device is ought to be called the Nokia X if it were to be announced.

We have seen many images and UI leaks regarding Nokia’s first Android stint, and rumors has it that the device could come as early as the 25th of March, which many people has doubt with especially that the company has already been acquired by Microsoft. The Nokia X is said to feature a 4-inch display with 854×480 resolution, a dual-core chipset, and a 5MP camera that we can all guess sported by Carl Zeiss Optics.

We now know at the least that the device will be called Nokia X, and wether the device will surface and be announced or not, we will all know come March 25. Or later. We’ll keep you updated.

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