Nokia: 75% of all Android apps are compatible with Nokia X family phones

As you may have heard, Nokia unveiled recently its Nokia X family of Android smartphones, running on an AOSP forked version of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with no Google Services! Nokia has installed a custom UI based on Asha’s Fastlane UI and has also developed their own App Store, with some apps that look a bit different than the ones you have grown to love all these years.


In order to help developers build more apps for their AOSP forked UI, Nokia mentioned that all apps that need Google Services to work, will be redirected towards Nokia/Microsoft’s services in order for this to work. Nokia also asks developers to submit their apk files to Nokia store and mentions that almost 75% of all submitted apps does not need any alterations! In case you are interested there’s a tool that checks if your app is Nokia X compatible and you can find it here.

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