Mugen 5,900mAh Extended Battery For The Samsung Galaxy S5 Now Up For Pre-Order│Ships June 6th

Mugen extended battery for Galaxy S

If you’re a power user that loves to play demanding games or watch a lot of videos on your smartphone, you’re probably not contented with the current battery that you have. And that’s one of the reasons why most manufacturers make their batteries removable so consumers can replace your current one with a spare to keep your device going. And another alternative to that is gaining popularity nowadays are extended batteries.

And today popular extended battery manufacturer Mugen Power has made another addition to it’s supported devices as it listed it’s new 5,900mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5. That’s twice the battery life that the Galaxy S5’s 2,800mAh has. The Mugen extended battery for the Galaxy S5 comes with NFC and QI wireless charging support. The only downside to this is that this will break the water-resistant feature of your device. The Mugen 5,900mAh extended battery for the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in black and white color options for $89.50, and it is now available for pre-order on Mugen’s website. Shipping starts June 6th.

Another extended battery option for the Galaxy S5 is the ZeroLemon 7,500 extended battery that sports an even higher capacity but of course, a little bulkier.


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