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Mounts2SD is a customizable sd-ext control script that can be used to move content to and from the second sdcard partition known in Android as sd-ext. In addition to moving content, Mounts2SD comes with other features and is also the only script that has a bunch of safe guards build-in for almost any situation, making sure that when things go wrong, the script will adapt and try keeping your phone running 100% and try to make sure that data is not lost or corrupted. And it comes with an app to configure the script and monitor the options current status in real time.

Mounts2SD started out as a simple sd-ext script which only difference between it an others like it, was that it did not use symlinks to create links between /data and /sd-ext. To day it has grown to be so much more. It now comes packed with an Application for controlling the script, viewing current states and more. The script itself has grown to become a large storage and management script with features that controlls SWAP, ZRAM, mount optimization, storage thresholds, different external and internal MMC configurations, cache and more. The content management is able to move a lot more different content between /data and /sd-ext, including the new internal storage, which on some devices, is placed in /data/media, and it also contains more than one option for storing system content on both /data and /sd-ext.

Mounts2SD_02Script Features
SWAP Support (Needs kernel support)
ZRAM Support (Needs kernel support)
Move and Revert content between /data and /sd-ext
– /data/dalvik-cache
– /data/app and /data/app-private
– /data/app-asec (Used by Android 4.1+)
– /data/app-lib (Used by Android 4.2+)
– /data/data and /data/user (Android 4.2+)
– /data/media (Used by some Samsung devices as internal storage)
Optimizing internal partitions
Checks/Fixes the sd-ext partition during boot (Needs e2fsck)
Auto Clean /sd-ext/Lost+Found to avoid having it take up to much disk space
Disable/Enable Ext4 Journal (Needs tune2fs) on sd-ext
Let’s you use whatever linux file system for sd-ext which is supported by the kernel
Change Storage Threshold to fix Market issue ‘Not enough space’
Comparing destination partition to folder sizes before moving content
Change Internal and External Readahead and Scheduler

App Features
Current Status Overview
Configure the script
Log Viewer
– Switch Theme and Style
– Install Script (With S-On fallback)
– Select/Deselect Internal Busybox
– SQLite3 Fix for devices with broken libraries (With S-On fallback)

Rooted device
Init.d Support
An additional Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4 partition on your EXTERNAL sdcard

Source Code
Mounts2SD is an open source application. For those interested, source at github can be found here.

Αplication created by xda’s recognized contributor dk_zero-cool. For support,  questions and bug report visit aplication’s thread at xda

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