Motorola Starts New Year With A Permanent Price Cut For The Moto X


Originally priced at $579 when it was first launched back in August, Motorola’s flagship smartphone Moto X gets a permanent price drop to $399 as a new year’s gift to us. The Moto X has been regarded as one of the best Android smartphones of 2013, and a $399 price tag is just simply too good to ignore.

The new pricing puts the Moto X in some kind of a competition against the LG Nexus 5, is also priced at $399 unlocked, depending on internal storage space. With a 1080p display and the certainty to get all the latest Android updates first, the Nexus 5 is still likely to be the choice of most users, but as an everyday smartphone with great customization options, the Moto X is hard to ignore, especially at this new price.

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