Motorola Releases Own Gallery Application To The Play Store


Motorola, being a Google company, has been releasing most of their applications to the Google Play Store in order to update them quickly instead of making the users wait for a firmware update which usually comes every month or so. And yesterday, the company has released it’s own gallery app which has similarities with the stock Google gallery app.

The main difference between the stock Google gallery and the Moto gallery is that it starts up in album view, with a grid of your photos, with three viewing options such as photos, timeline, and albums. Motorola has also pulled some options out of the overflow menu to be set buttons. When you’re looking at a photo in the stock Gallery, you only get the share menu, a button for the last share option you used, and the overflow menu. Motorola includes those, but also makes it easier to get at the Edit and Delete buttons, which are very nice options. The locations and tags which can be found in stock Google gallery is non existent in Motorola Gallery.

The Motorola Gallery app is currently available for the Moto X, Moto G, and the new set of DROIDs. If you have a supported Motorola device and have downloaded the app, please do gives us a feedback by posting in the comments section below.



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