MediaTek’s True Octa-Core CPU To Be Launched November 20th


You have probably known MediaTek’s CPUs as a ‘so-so’ processor that’s more commonly seen on low to medium range phones that are good enough to deliver a decent experience. These statements aren’t entirely unwarranted however, as MediaTek can’t compete with the performance of the Exynos and Snapdragon CPUs making waves in high-end devices worldwide.

But today MediaTek is here to impress us when they announced that they were about to launch a true octa-core CPU in the MT6592. What makes this a “true” octa-core CPU is the fact that all eight cores can run simultaneously in the MT6592. They might still be Cortex A7 cores but, all eight running at the same time is powerful enough for everyday tasks and they should be pretty kind on battery life as well. The heat concerns will also be kept to a minimum.

MediaTek just confirmed to a local media that the MT6592 will be launched in November 20th. There are rumors of a 6-inch Sony device using the processor and that it could debut at Sony’s event in November 12th.



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