LG Nexus 5 makes another appearance

According to latest rumors, LG is getting ready to unveil soon its Nexus 5 model, with the help of Google obviously.


All the info we have so far comes from FCC documents and images, that show a new mysterious device code named D820 (Nexus 5 presumably). We can see the front and back side of the device (that looks a lot like the one Nexus 4 has), but not the glass cover on the back side! In case you don’t remember all previous FCC leaks regarding the device mention that it packs a 5 inch display, Snapdragon 800 SoC, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and LTE 7-band support.


Oh and here’s something else. The device that has leaked bares a lot of resemblance to the device held by a Google employee during the Android KitKat promo video we all saw a couple of days ago. We will know more soon, don’t worry guys.

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