LG Names William Cho As The New President of LG Electronics USA



LG just sent out a press release that they have named William Cho as the new president of LG Electronics USA. Wayne Park, the former president, has moved on to a new position as LG’s global sales and marketing officer.

Cho has been with LG for 26 years now where he also served as the president of LG Canada and as president of the company’s Australian operations, making him the wise and obvious choice for the position. William Cho will also act as the head of LG USA home entertainment business at the end of this year, when the current executive retires.

What has it to do with Android and LG Mobile you ask? Well there has been rumors floating around that LG is looking to focus more on televisions instead of smartphones and tablets. Where this move kind of makes sense when you’re switching presidents that oversee their Home entertainment business. But LG answered that it is not the case which we definitely hope for as LG makes one of the best Android devices today.



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