LG G2 KitKat update scheduled for the end of Q1 2014!

Well this sounds like (sort of) good news, if you consider that LG is… always late with its Android upgrades. It looks like – according to MobileSyrup and LG Canada representative Court Elliot – that Canadian G2s should receive the update around “late Q1” next year. The Android 4.4-based firmware will apparently be offered to all Canadian carriers at the same time, though this doesn’t guarantee a concurrent rollout across all operators.


Don’t forget that other manufacturers like HTC, Sony and Motorola have been pretty forthcoming with their Android 4.4KitKat update plans, so looking at these news (late Q1 for a KitKat upgrade) seems way off, especially if you consider that other companies will have already upgraded their own smartphones by that time, or that they will be really close to doing so.

Obviously we don’t know what will happen with all the other European countries, but at least it gives current G2 owners a rough idea of what to expect.

What do you think? Is it OK to wait until late Q1 for a LG G2 KitKat upgrade?




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