Lenovo IdeaPad A10: First Lenovo Laptop Powered by Android


The Chinese maker Lenovo, which is a $US30 billion personal technology company (and the second largest PC company in the world), serving customers in more than 160 countries, announced the Lenovo A10. Weighing less than 1kg and with thickness not exceeding 17.3 mm, the new convertible Lenovo A10, will be an affordable, ultra-portable, dual-mode laptop and the company’s first to run on Android 4.2 OS. Besides, Lenovo is touting that the A10 will be “an ideal companion for users on the go” which will be offering easy access to variety of applications.

The Lenovo A10 will be running Android, however there was mention that it will have also a “Lenovo customized OS.” Lenovo claims, that those customizations will allow the user to easily locate and manage everything from documents to videos and music.  Laptop mode also nets users a full-size keyboard, though the A10 also accepts input via its multitouch display. But the A10 can also be flipped around into a “stand mode,” which Lenovo says has been optimized for touch-enabled apps and entertainment.

With the A10’s 10.1-inch HD (1366 x 768) resolution screen, flipped around 300 degrees in “stand mode,” the Lenovo A10 shines as a device optimized for touch-enabled apps and entertainment. The stable hinge and “fold-back” design keeps the device steady and prevents shaking and bouncing while using the 10-point multi-touch screen. Stereo speakers and an integrated 0.3M webcam help users stay connected with family and friends while enjoying an immersive “sight and sound” experience with multimedia apps, games and video. 


The Lenovo A10 is powered by an RK3188, quad-core Cortex-A9 processor, running at a maximum frequency of 1.6GHz (the highest frequency for all quad-core ARM-based CPUs currently available). The Cortex-A9 processor delivers solid performance for gaming and entertainment purposes, as well as enhances users’ ability to multitask and be productive. Other features of the Lenovo A10 include 2GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage and a battery that is said to be able to provide up to “nine hours of continuous video playback.

The Bai Peng, vice president and general manager of field development notebook, declares: “Lenovo A10 is the slim and lightweight device that has many ways to provide an excellent user experience …. The A10 is unique”.

Until now, Lenovo has said that “Pricing and availability varies per region. Please contact your local PR representative for details”. Last but not least, Lenovo tells us that the A10 won’t be made available within the US (or North America as a whole). Instead, it will be sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific countries. It’s definitely a budget offering, with pricing set to start around $249 USD equivalent.


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