Latest Vine Update Lets You Save Your Sessions To Finish Them Later


Vine just rolled out a huge update on Play Store that will surely make many of it’s users happy as they have added new tools to make multi-clip video editing even easier.

First, You can now save your sessions, meaning you can record a little bit of video, pause and save it, and come back later and continue it – without having to worry about losing footage you’ve previously recorded.

This feature update is godsend for folks who likes to make Vines using multiple cut-scenes. Sessions are accessed by pressing a new button that will show up on the bottom right of the recording screen.

There is also “Time Travel” – that will let you edit and reorganize your clips, giving you a nice do-over option for those parts you are not satisfied with.

If you haven’t tried using Vine yet, you can just download it in Play Store by clicking the link here.


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