Intel Investing On Their Own Wearable Tech Device


We mentioned last week that the wearable tech market could explode next year with Google, Samsung, and Sony already participating. HTC, LG, and Apple are also said to be working on their own version of Google Glass as well. And now we hear from a report that Intel is another one that wants to participate in the wearable tech race.

This report from Forbes seems to suggest that Intel has a major focus in the wearable technology market. The company has either built new teams or acquired companies that specialize in the area of wearable computing. The company acquired API manager Mashery and is also taking steps in to consumer robotics. Intel has also made a pretty heavy investment in a company called Recon Instruments, as well. Recon Instruments makes glasses called the Reconjet, which it claims is the first consumer-grade glass computing product.

Intel also has a new mobile devices group, run by Mike Bell. The Wall Street Journal also reports that Intel’s new CEO, Brian Krzanich, was chosen because he is familiar with and has an affinity for the mobile space. All of this adds up to a heated wearable technology race, and Intel wants to be right in the middle of it.



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