Here comes Huawei’s Ascend D3 with 2K display

After Vivo Xplay 3S (the first 2K display smartphone) managed to sell off all of the models available in just a few days, and Oppo preparing to unveil its own Find 7 (2K display) smartphone, it was only a matter of time other companies tried their luck with 2K display smartphones.


So according to info, Huawei plans to unveil its own 2K display smartphone (2560×1440 pixels) that will be added to the “D” family, with the name Huawei Ascend D3. The device – according to rumours- will pack a 5 inch, 2K display, an 8 core HiSilicon K3V3 SoC @ 2GHz and it will be available around September at a price of 435 Euros in China.

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