That’s how HTC M8’s new dual camera will look like

Truth is we have seen a lot of leaked info regarding HTC’s new flagship for 2014, but this time we get to see the most impressive feature of the device: its dual camera lenses!


So from what we managed to find out, this dual camera system that the new HTC One (or M8) is going to pack has been designed by Qualcomm and Corephotonics! This imaging system uses two imaging sensors (2 and 4MPixels each) and a pair of lenses along with a special lens for focusing! Using specific high tech algorithms, this imaging system with two image sensors can capture impressive images with ease. Don’t worry we will know more on the 25th of March when the device will be officially unveiled.

Update: According to newer information, Corephotonics will NOT be participating in the solution for the HTC device, since the company officially denied the whole thing. Stay tuned for more info. 

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