HTC: KitKat for the One within 90 days and for the Google Play edition within 15 days


As we all know the Nexus devices will get the new Android (KitKata 4.4) update almost immediately after yesterday’s event. But what about other Android devices? Usually all manufacturers release the updates with the latest Android version months later.

But HTC seems to have change it’s stand on its updates policy as  HTC America’s president Jason Mackenzie announced via his interview with Engadget,  about the company’s rollout plans, at least for the HTC One.

According to Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s goal is to first push the KitKat update to the HTC One Google Play Edition within the next 15 days. After that, the unlocked and developer editions of the HTC One should see an update within 30 days and the other HTC Ones in North America (unlocked and carrier variants) will get KiKat in 90 days or less.

In his interview, Mackenzie, spoke on behalf of the company’s North American branch. We still expect HTC to make an official announcment about the Global HTC One. But the fact that US operators are set to push out updates in the next 90 days, we thing that the International version of HTC One will receive the update sooner.


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