HTC delivered the KitKat code for HTC One Google Play Edition to Google

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Two weeks ago we have informed you about HTC’s rollout plans regarding the KitKat 4.4 update for both HTC One Google Play Edition and International version. As we have mentioned, HTC America’s president Jason Mackenzie has stated that the goal of HTC is to push the KitKat update to the HTC One Google Play Edition, within the next 15 days.

Now, exactly 15 days after Jason Mackenzie’s statement, HTC USA officially announced that KitKat arrival time is entirely in Google’s hands, as they have delivered the KitKat code to them.

We are very glad seeing that HTC has made a 180 degree turn in terms of supporting its products and we think that the consumers that selected to buy the HTC One Google Play Edition are quite happy reading all these. Well done HTC.

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So, we hope Google will react quickly by releasing the KitKat update for the HTC One Google Play Edition in the next few days.


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