Google To Release Developer SDK For Wearable Devices Next Week


It’s no secret that Android is now the undisputed number one OS in the mobile world, so it’s only natural that it will be the go-to choice for manufacturers to use for the emerging wearable tech market. And to further encourage the use of the Android platform for wearable devices, Google will be releasing the developer SDK for wearable devices in two weeks.

The Android SDK for wearables will be a great help to make it easier for manufacturers make wearables running Android, and this could also mean that Google itself is preparing a wearable device of it’s own. We previously heard of a rumor that LG and Google is collaborating again for a Nexus smartwatch. In any way, releasing the SDK for wearables will open more windows for more manufacturers who does not have their own platform to produce their own wearables so expect more and more smartwatch alternatives in the near future.


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