Google prepares fix for Nexus 5 battery drain

There seems to be a problem with certain Nexus 5 devices that have been upgraded to Android 4.4.2 recently, since there’s a software process that runs on Android 4.4.2 and allows apps have direct access to the camera of Nexus 5. So when users open an app like Snapchat or Skype, the “mm-qcamera-daemon” process runs and… keeps running even if you close the app. This drains the Nexus 5 battery significantly and reduces its battery time to… several hours only.


Google’s project manager mentioned that there’s a fix being prepared on that issue and it will be arriving during the next Nexus 5 maintenance update that’s not sure when it is scheduled to arrive. He noted however that perhaps a recent Skype update could be responsible for this problem and suggested users do a restart of the device – or even better- remove Skype! Oh and note also that according to IBT this problem is not restricted only to Nexus 5, but to all Android 4.4.2 devices that use Qualcomm SoC (Samsung Galaxy Note 3 etc.).

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