Google Nexus 10 2013 Edition To Launch on Monday?


Google isn’t really known to make make loud noise and tease us before or even when unveiling their Nexus devices, in fact, they just usually post it in their website and Playstore along with some short videos in Youtube and that’s pretty much it. Which makes nexus devices harder than most  to get accurate rumors/leaks for. Remember Nexus 5 and the countless rumors as to when it will be announced?

The Nexus 10 in the past compared to the Nexus 4 and 7 is the one with the least noise with it and we previously expected it to be launched alongside the Nexus 5 back on Halloween. But that wasn’t the case. Since then we’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors about when the next version would be available. We’ve even seen it leak out onto the Play Store, once or twice. We still don’t even know which manufacturer will produce the new Nexus 10 yet.

And as said above, it’s pretty hard to get an accurate leaks/rumors regarding Nexus devices so don’t expect much when we say that there’s a new report claiming that tomorrow is the launch day. The theory behind this report, is that the manufacturer whichever it is might be having issues with building up stock for the tablet, and wanted to avoid the buying rush of Black Friday. Still sounds kinda fishy, but then the Nexus devices are always sold out. Let’s find out if this rumor is indeed true tomorrow.



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