Google Hangouts Will Not Get Voice Integration Until Next Year


Google Hangouts v2 has been released alongside the Nexus 5 but is not available on the Play Store yet. But since the Nexus 5’s factory image is already out, you don’t have to wait and just pull the APK’s from it or download from the one who pulled them already.

Hangouts has now integrated SMS support, but people are still demanding one more thing – Google Voice integration. Hangouts for iOS already received partial integration for Google Voice, allowing it to make phone calls and phone calls but not text messages. Still, no such update for Android yet.

Google employee Nikhyl Singhal explains that there are third party applications on Android that makes illegal use of Google’s Voice services, violating the Terms of Use. These apps actually present a threat to your security, so integrating Google Voice into Hangouts would be unsafe. The developers of such apps has already been given a warning that they must stop using Voice services by May 15, 2014.
Singhal also said that the integration should be done by early next year.

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